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Infinite Vacuum

You have lost control of your spaceship and you must now navigate blindly in space.

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Your Time Is Up

You have wandered for an eternity and the blazing heat will soon become your end.


Enigmatic Sound is founded by composer Nicolai Beier Søndergård.

Nicolai has from his early childhood always been fascinated by how film and video games can carry you into marvelous fictional worlds and stories, and completely disconnect you from reality. He has since then also grown equally fascinated by music and how you through music can immerse yourself into a complete state of peacefulness and creativity. With a deep interest in hard rock and heavy metal music, Nicolai started his musical venture as a self-taught guitarist with a special focus on instrumental music.

He would later in life discover his true potential inside the realms of electronic music, where he slowly developed a taste for industrial and dark ambient music. Not long after it was clear to him that his purpose was to become a composer which allowed him to combine his deep passions for film, video games, storytelling, and electronic music. With the dream of becoming a composer, Nicolai decided to create Enigmatic Sound and with it, he began his mission to make great music for great storytelling.


Unique tracks, loops, and textures designed for film and video games.


Let your audience feel, believe, and become part of your incredible story. Enhance your film by selecting a track that will add depth and emotions to your production. Every soundtrack has been composed with a deep passion for storytelling and film.


Take your video game to the next level, use kick-ass music loops. The loops have been composed in many different variations and exported seamlessly. Use the loops as building blocks and make your video game an even more exciting experience.


Even a simple noise can have a big impact, use it to your advantages. All textures are exported seamlessly, which means that they can be repeated endlessly. Make your environment sound believable, fill in the silence with atmospheric sound textures.


Let your imagination run wild, become part of the story, become the hero.

Part 1: Infinite Vacuum

“Good morning, commander, have you slept well?” You lay in your bed half asleep, still trying to snooze for a couple of more minutes. “Like a baby, Becky,” you exclaim in a slightly annoyed tone. “I have made coffee for you, commander, your favorite, espresso roast with cream.” Your eyes pop wide open, you can already smell the aromatic scent of the freshly brewed coffee. “Thank you, Becky, I will meet you at the bridge in five minutes,” you say while rubbing your eyes. “You better not go back to sleep, commander, or I will have to flush you out through the airlocks.”
You roll your eyes, “ha-ha, you are so funny, Becky,” you say in a sarcastic manner. “Commander, I am a highly sophisticated A.I. and I have been programmed to learn and mimic every kind of human behavior.” Becky may be advanced, but far from a comedian. “I think that you could use an update, Becky, or maybe a plugin,” you say. “My humor is just too advanced for an unintelligent human like you, commander.” You sense a slight irritation in Becky’s voice. You do not want to irritate her even further, so you quickly wash your face, put on your uniform, and take a big slurp of the freshly brewed coffee.


You step out from your sleeping chamber and start to walk down the long and illuminated hallway to the bridge. Midway you reach your favorite part of the hallway; it has thick and wide windows on each side and the top and bottom. You can see most of the external modules of the spaceship from here. The long solar panels glitter in the dark space, powering the spaceship just like a set of sails powers a ship on the ocean. Further down you see a large circular module, this is where the vegetation grows and where the water is being filtered, the core of your spaceships life systems.
You begin to think of your mission, the challenges that lie ahead and how long you will be away from home. You start to doubt yourself. “What if I’m not the right choice, what if I screw up the mission, or even worse, what if I return home emptyhanded?” You start to feel anxious, homesick and alone, “was this a bad decision?” you ask yourself while you stare gloomily out of the window and into an infinite vacuum

To be continued…


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