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A short introduction of the person behind the mysterious sound.

Enigmatic Sound is founded by electronic musician, composer, and sound designer, Nicolai Beier Søndergård from Denmark. The company specializes in music for film and video games, and it was officially launched in 2021. Nicolai began his musical journey as a self-taught guitarist with a special interest in hard rock and heavy metal. He would later in life venture into the realms of electronic music, focusing on industrial and dark ambient music and abstract sound design. In 2016 Nicolai was admitted into the Danish National Academy of Music in Esbjerg. With a deep passion for storytelling and the awe-inspiring worlds within film and video games, Nicolai created Enigmatic Sound and with it, he began his mission to make great music for great stories.

“Hello dear visitor, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to look around, listen to my music, or contact me if you want to hire me for your next project. With that said, welcome to Enigmatic Sound, welcome to my world.” – Nicolai Beier Søndergård.


Versatile music composed specially for film and video games.


Let your audience feel, believe, and become part of your incredible story. Enhance your film by selecting a soundtrack that will add depth and emotions to your scenes. Every track is full of details and atmosphere making them perfect for many types of film.


Take your video game to the next level, use kick-ass music loops. The loops have been composed in many different variations and are perfectly loopable. Use the loops as building blocks and make your video game an even more exciting experience.


Even a simple noise can have a big impact, use it to your advantage. All textures are exported seamlessly, which means that they can be repeated endlessly. Make the environment sound believable, fill in the silence with atmospheric sound textures.


Unleash your imagination and venture into the great unknown.


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