Are you looking for an original soundtrack for your current or next film, game or media project? Look no further, Enigmatic Sound is ready to supply you with just right sound.
Simply use the commercial contact form on the contact page and we will get in touch with you.


If you want to license music from the Enigmatic Sound’s personal releases don’t hesitate to use the commercial contact form on the contact page.
By providing a general description of your project and the piece of music you want, you will only have to make a one time payment and then you can use the track freely inside your project, as long as it is within the terms of agreement.

There are three price categories which depends on the scale of your project.

  • Price A: $49.99 for international movies and commercials
  • Price B: $24.99 for short films and nation-wide media productions
  • Price C: $4.99 for school and non-commercial projects.

Personal releases can be bought on bandcamp for private listening.
Soundtrack/game loops releases can be bought through the supplied links.


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