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Enigmatic Sound strive to compose great soundtracks for great storytelling. The enigmatic sound comes in many different kinds of music. Some music will appear raw and earth shattering, some are elegant and peaceful and others are theatrical and mysterious. In other words, it would be impossible to pinpoint the enigmatic sound to a specific style of music.

Behind The Sound

Behind the Enigmatic Sound engine is Nicolai Beier Søndergård, current student at the danish music academy (Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, SDMK) located in Esbjerg, Denmark. He is also graduated graphic designer from the business academy (EASV) also in Esbjerg.

Nicolai first started his music adventure with the electric guitar with a deep interest in the hard rock and heavy metal scene. After many years, Nicolai developed interest in soundtrack compositions and electronic music.

At first the focus was mostly directed at epic trailer music and hybrid forms of hard rock music, but this soon evolved into a deep fascination for ambience music and glitch oriented electronic music.

But all those genres was already so well defined, so to challenge his creativity and composition abilities he started to write small stories before beginning to work on music, a tool which soon became very rewarding.

With these stories, Nicolai found a way to renew his way of creating music and through the power of storytelling he found a new sound, something dreamy, dark yet blissful, something truly enigmatic.


“I wanted to include story elements to my music so that it would become more thematically and coherent”

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