The emotions behind the music

Deceived by a Mischievous Theater


Everything becomes deceptive when dream and reality collide

Peculiar Creatures


A mysterious creature is lurking deep inside the bushes

If Leaves Could Sing


Enter a magical dimension where leaves are singing like angels

Welcome to the enigmatic universe

Hello and thanks for stopping by, my name is Nicolai, founder, and creator of Enigmatic Sound.

You will on this site find all my current releases, sneak-peaks to future albums, information about my services and much more. You will in the nearest future see new album releases suited for cinematic and mysterious experiences and game loops series for challenging game adventures.

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I wish you a truly enigmatic experience on my website – Nicolai Beier Søndergård


Combine your senses, audio and video

I Wander, Wondering

Deep inside the forest, a strange creature is dwelling. The creature is trapped between reality and dream, trapped and left alone in a world of twisted phenomena. This lonesome being is forced to wander for an eternity, but as a desperate attempt to break this gnarled fate, he decides to seek guidance from the animal spirits.

But this decision turns out to seal his destiny. The animal spirits are deceiving and trick the lost soul to join the spirit world, completely leaving any chance to re-enter reality. He is now bound by mystical shackles to nest deep inside this realm of the abnormal and forced to wander, wondering.


Add a pinch of mystic to your next project

What you can get

Enigmatic Sound strives to deliver music suitable for every kind of media project, being it puzzling games, dark and abstract short films or full-length feature films. Want to license music? You can license every piece of music released on this website, simply just use the contact form and specify which music you want to use and the scale of your project. If you want your own original soundtrack for your next media production, use the contact form and we will discuss all the details. If you are going to purchase a game loops album just remember that every purchase automatically comes with a license.


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